Just because you have a medical condition which makes it difficult to move around does not mean that you should simply accept that fate and start leading a sedentary lifestyle. It does not matter whether you are disabled, handicapped, have arthritis; it does not matter if you are old or overweight. There is no reason that you should not be allowed to get around wherever you like. That is where and when an all terrain mobility scooter can really come in handy. Many manufacturers offer these types of scooters and they are becoming increasingly popular. You can find them at the Scooter Score and your local medical supply store, just to name a few options. If you are having trouble finding an all terrain or 4 wheel drive scooter, or if you do not think you will be able to afford one, when Medicare might have many options available to help you out and give you a hand.

One of the most popular scooters available on the market right now is the Amigo. You can find many a manufacturer who buys them wholesale. When you find a manufacturer who does this, you can get your Amigo – or another brand of scooter, if you like – for very affordable prices. That is the great thing about medical scooters – there are so many different kinds. Some of them are battery operated. Some of them are 3 foldable. The majority of them are also all terrain and 4 wheel drive. This can be extremely helpful. Whether your scooter is 3 foldable, all terrain, or 4 wheel drive, you have much more mobility options than you would otherwise. Not only can you get your scooter over sidewalks, store floors, hardwood, cement, and all types of dirts, rocks, and other terrain, you will be able to get your scooter over practical terrain as well. For example, you will no longer have trouble just trying to get over the carpets in your home or in the homes of friends and family members. Standard scooters can sometimes make that unbelievably difficult. They get stuck on carpeted floors, which makes them pretty much worthless if you are trying to get around in your own house.

Just because you are handicapped or disabled does not mean you should be limited in your mobility. You have as much right as anyone else to get around to all the places you want to go. More to the point, you have a right to get around without a lot of hassle and frustration. That is why medical and motor scooters are so superior to wheelchairs, no matter why you have need of a scooter. Wheelchairs are cumbersome. In spite of the fact that it is now required that most places of business, be they restaurants, museums, or state office buildings, be handicap accessible, that does not make navigating a wheelchair any easier. At the very least, you are left needing someone to push it for you, or you have to deal with the fact that there are some surfaces over which your wheelchair will not take you.

That is not the case with an all terrain mobility scooter. That is the whole reasons the manufacturers built them to cover all possible terrains. Whether you buy yours wholesale, with the help of Medicare, or through the Scooter Store, you will definitely be helping yourself. With a battery powered scooter, you can even go on vacations and camping trips without worrying about your mobility.