Medical Scooter For Pain Relief For Fibromyalgia can often times be used as a rapidly acting pain relief for fibromyalgia. A medical scooter can help you get around either within your own house if that is becoming difficult or even painful for you. Or you can use a mobility scooter for outings, for the time when you decide to go shopping, or just out in nature, to get a breath of fresh air. Regardless, you do not want to just sit in your house and wait. With modern day diseases such as fibromyalgia, the diagnosis and treatment is not straightforward and it takes time. In the mean time, what are you going to do about your mobility?

Are you suffering from the pain of fibromyalgia? Are you affected by it in your day to day life yet determined that fibromyalgia will not take the best of you and that you will do your best regardless of the disease. On this page you will find information on the types of medical mobility scooters that can help you relieve the pain, and make it easier to do your day to day tasks. A mobility scooter is not a cure for fibromyalgia, but it can be a quick relief when the fibromyalgia pain comes, especially when the pain is in your joints. When you are able to continue with your activities regardless of the disease, that is success. Your pain when moving around will hopefully be reduced thanks to the mobility scooter and your mood will improve. Who knows, even the treatments for fibromyalgia that you may undergo may act faster when you’re in good mood. The two types of medical scooter that we’ll describe here are lightweight medical scooter and heavy duty medical scooter. Let’s see which one might be able to serve you better.

Lightweight medical scooter

If your condition makes it difficult even to move within your house, then you may need a scooter to help you move even within your house, from room to room. Is it difficult for you to go to the kitchen just to prepare a meal? Does the pain increase when you walk? Is the pain coming from the joints area? If yes, then a lightweight medical scooter might be the right answer for you. Lightweight scooters can come in 3-wheel and 4-wheel versions. The three-wheel scooters are usually better for a home, because they can move about easily. Their turning radius is very small which makes it easy to navigate the narrow zones such as the kitchen, the bathroom, or to make a turn in a narrow hallway, or an elevator. Even though the lightweight medical scooters are suitable for home, you will be able to make use of them outdoors as well, such as for trips to the nearby grocery. They are easily transportable so you can take them with you in your car as well.

Heavy duty medical scooter

As in many people with fibromyalgia, do you feel your condition worsens when engaged in a strenuous activity? In case your fibromyalgia pain is focused on your joints and in case the pain gets worse when your joints or the muscles are exposed to more stress, and when you feel pain when walking outdoors for longer distances, then maybe the heavy duty medical scooter is more suitable for you as a pain relief from fibromyalgia. A heavy duty scooter, as the word would suggest, is heavier, and can carry a heavier weight. However, it can also cross a more rough terrains. The heavy duty medical scooters are usually equipped with bigger wheels and tires, they have strong suspensions, and usually bigger and heavily padded seats. All this makes for a better and more comfortable ride outdoors. That could help alleviate your joint pain better than a lightweight medical scooter would under the same circumstances. The downside of the heavy duty medical scooter? It may still be used indoors, but it will be less maneuverable and you might find it awkward to use in smaller spots or in smaller apartments.