A medical knee scooter is an alternative to crutches or a classical walker.

A medical knee scooter has three or four-wheels. They are used as ambulation aids to help individuals get around. Many people are pleased with the benefits of a medical knee scooter. Medical knee scooters have taken on various forms over the last few years. Medical knee scooters were once small-wheeled devices that were only suitable for indoor use. Medical knee scooters went through a stage where they were bigger sturdier devices.Medical knee scooters are now able to be used outside on cement and grass surfaces. Present day medical knee scooters are now light in weight. Most medical knee scooters are foldable with knee bending supports.

The usable foot touches the floor or ground to help support momentum. Medical knee scooters are made to design a safe, comfy, and easy-to-maneuver substitute to the common crutch. Before the creation of medical knee scooters, individual had not choice but to be limited in their mobility. Below the knee amputations, gout, sprains, fractures, and individuals with diabetic ulcers were forced to limit their activity while they were in rehabilitation. They only had the option of using crutches, common walkers or wheelchairs. Crutches and common walkers can be too much work for someone who is injured. Medical knee scooters do have limitations. These limitations do make the medical knee scooter unsuitable for certain individuals.

Such as individuals with leg injuries above the knee. Medical knee scooters are heavy than crutches, and more difficult to load into a vehicle. This can be a down side to certain individuals. Medical knee scooters are not for everyone. The limitations listed above do make this device unbefitting to certain people. All in all, the medical knee scooter is a great device and as helped many peop