Knee Scooters and Leg Trolleys are a comparatively recent innovation, and are designed to aid in rehabilitation of those with foot and ankle injuries. The knee and upper shin of the wounded leg is rested on the padded cradle, and also the user can walk about ensuring they still get sufficient exercise. Our Leg Trolley is designed to be extra-manoeuvrable for indoor use, although the Knee Scooter may be used both inside and outside. These products are suitable for injuries such as broken feet, sprained ankles, ruptured achilles tendons and fractured heels, and also replace the need for crutches.

Both the Knee Scooter along with the Leg Trolley match similar roles, and which product to go to get is mainly determined by if you wish to use it indoors or outside (or a mix of both).

Even less manoeuvrable indoors compared to Leg Trolley, it remains capable inside, and is excellent for those that need the extra stability. When used outdoors, the Knee Walker should be obtained on flat, paved surfaces – that the wheels are comparatively small, meaning that it cannot handle huge bumps that may also discomfort the leg being rested on it.

It features handlebars for extra stability, as well as brakes which may be locked on when you wish to “park” yourself. There is not a basket available with this model, as this might cause the center of gravity to shift forwards, affecting the stability.

The Orthopaedic Leg Trolley (also referred to as the “K9 Wheeled Walker”) is for indoor use only, as the small caster wheels aren’t capable of tackling outdoor surfaces. But it excels indoors, able to flip to the spot and most people discover they can use it hands free after a hour or so of practice. This allows you to move around independently inside your house, and crucially lets you get on and do things hands-free.