Many of us are familiar with Knee Scooters. Even if we have no need for them ourselves, we have seen the ads, commercials, and infomercials detailing how important these scooters are for anyone who is either suffering from a disability or who is simply infirm and unable to get around easily due to old age or other medical conditions.

There are a huge number of dot com stores which offer these scooters. For the most part, they are either dot com medical supply stores or shops which specialize solely in scooter sales. As you have likely seen in the ads and commercials, sometimes you can get a scooter without taking any money out of your own pocket. Throughout the course of this article, we are going to discuss several things, such as the importance of maintaining independence and mobility, as well as just who can benefit from these scooters. We are also going to discuss how they are more preferable than wheelchairs.

To begin with, as briefly mentioned, there are a number of different types of people who can benefit from scooters. Naturally, if you have a disability which keeps you from being as mobile as you would like to be, then presumably you will need the aid of either a chair or a scooter. Wheelchairs may be a better choice for people with certain types of disabilities; it depends on how much function of movement they have in the first place. Sometimes weight is a factor; for instance, if you are overweight, then you may benefit from either chairs or, depending on how much you want or need to get around, scooters. As with any mobility device, whether it is a chair or a scooter, you do need to make sure that you meet the weight requirements.

Many people worry that scooters are heavier than chairs, thus making them less portable. In truth, scooters are not only surprisingly light, but they are quite portable as well. They may not be quite as light as a standard wheelchair, but they are still incredibly easy to transport from place to place. Because they are motorized, they are even easier to load into vans, trucks, etcetera.

If you are not sure what a Knee Scooter is, think of it this way. They are a bit like a wheelchair which has been mixed with a BMX bike. That probably sounds a little ludicrous, but in terms of aerodynamics and mobility, scooters are as streamlined as a BMX bike, in that they allow you to be far more mobile than a wheelchair.

Depending on your needs, you can get them in several sizes. They have them in children’s sizes as well as adult sizes. Children’s sized Knee Scooters are, of course, smaller, specifically designed for children or for people with short stature.

Medical scooters can be helpful to a number of different people. People who suffer from arthritis, people who are overweight, people who have osteoporosis – these are just a few examples. Naturally, the medicines and care associated with such medical problems can be quite costly. That is why it is so good to know that you can get a scooter without taking much, if any, money out of your own pocket.