When you are suffering from the fibromyalgia pain, getting a mobility scooter is definitely one of the options that you can think about. However, before you jump into the solutions, it is best to assess your daily needs so you are able to find a solution that best fits them. You’ll want to take notes on what activities you go through exactly every day. At home, how do you prepare your meals, how do you do your laundry, house cleaning, entertainment. At work, where do you move, what kind of physical work do you do. After you have assessed these activities, you’ll be ready to see if a medical scooter would help and if yes, what kind of medical scooter would best fit your fibromyalgia pain management. All in all, there are several things you can do to help alleviate your fibromyalgia pain. They are: The rearrangement of office space, A new exercise program, A mental exercise program, Learning to cope with physical pain, Therapy sessions, and finally, getting a mobility scooter.

I used these to settle my pain from time to time

Let’s look at all these components.

The rearrangement of your office and home office space

Hopefully your place of work is already wheelchair accessible. In addition, you can rearrange the office furniture, desks, computer monitors, the chairs, to achieve greater level of ergonomics. In addition, remove any clutter which will increase your mobility and enable easy access either with or without the medical scooter.

A new exercise program

With a new exercise program pay special attention to the body parts where you experience the pain. Exercising these parts with care could help. Learn new stretching exercises especially the stretches of the body parts where you experience pain. Learn new light aerobic exercises. The new exercise plan does not have to be perfect, but anything that is new and exciting will work and may really help get relief.

A mental exercise program

You would be well advised to counter the mental fatigue that often accompanies fibromyalgia with a series of word puzzles, or other mental games. You could try meditation as well to calm your hyperactive mind.

Cope with physical pain

The daily meditation can help with coping with physical pain as well. Otherwise, be mindful of the activities that increase or trigger your physical pain and try to avoid them when you can.

Therapy sessions

You can try one-on-one or group therapy sessions to help you cope with emotional stress, and emotional issues in general.

Finally, the mobility scooter for fibromyalgia pain management

Once you have assessed your daily living circumstances, and have scheduled the above procedures, the work space adjustments, the physical exercise and the mental exercise program, when you have created a plan for coping with the physical pain and with your emotions, you can see how getting a medical scooter can help you with any of the above. It may certainly help you with the physical pain when walking, or standing for extended periods of time. Fibromyalgia patients report great help by mobility scooter when they prepare ls, as they do not need to stand up anymore in the kitchen, yet they can still move around during the preparation of their meals.