Massage Benefits for Fibromyalgia Sufferers

Medical Professionals are beginning to acknowledge the benefit of massage for Fibromyalgia sufferers. Massage is well known for the relaxation benefits. The main benefit for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is the body system circulation.

What should you expect during a massage?
Massage promotes blood circulation and lymph drainage. During your massage, the muscles should be stripped, you may experience discomfort even pain with this technique. ?This is one of those feel good pains!? This will remove the congestion out of the muscles and joints. This may also take several treatments dependant on the severity of your condition. After each session of stripping the muscle, a patrassage and friction of the muscles is soothing ending technique.

Your therapist should be aware of the different ?tender spots? you experience. Make sure you communicate these areas with them. Massage will help warm the muscles. They will relax, contract and relax again. This aides in toning of the muscles as many sufferers experience muscle fatigue and atrophy(wasting away of muscles from non use). Massage does not offer the cardio benefit yet it does increase oxygen and nutrients in the muscles.

Earlier I mentioned lymph drainage. For those of you that are not familiar with the important value of this part of your system let me share with you, this is the garbage disposal of your system. Lymphatic system takes the waste, toxins out to the organs to dispose of them. You will experience a great deal of discomfort when pressure is applied to the lymph areas, example, under the arms. Releasing these toxins will make a great impact on your immune system.

Let?s look again at the benefits:
1. moves out muscle congestion
2. moves along waste and toxins
3. increases oxygen and nutrients to the blood and muscles
4. decreases muscle fatigue
5. increases immune system
6. decrease frequencies of headaches
7. increase of positive sleep
8. ?and just feels so good!?

The next day you will experience less pain, and more energy. Your benefits will increase and last longer with the frequency of your visits. I strongly suggest an hour a week. Don?t worry, Each massage will be less intense due to the bodies flow. Check with your insurance company, most of them are covering massage as an alternative treatment.

** Keep in mind as you are feeling better, don?t over do it! I know you?ll feel like doing more than normal but just as with any other condition, you will have a flare up. Keep yourself paced.