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Will I have to assemble my knee walker?2017-01-10T03:37:58+00:00

knee walkers need very little assembly. The product ships partially disassembled, the exact same way the manufacturers ship the models, and are easily reassembled. Items such as the knee pad, steering column and basket will need to be secured into the frame. Assembly instructions are included.

How do I choose the best model for me?2017-01-10T03:39:48+00:00

Factors such as height, cast type and environment all come into play when choosing your knee walker. So we have written two guides to help Compare Our Knee Walkers and our How to Measure For Your Knee Walker to provide all the information you need to assist in your decision.
Do your knee walkers turn/steer?
Yes! All of our knee walker models steer and turn. Two of our models, the Free Spirit Knee Walker & Roll-A-Bout Knee Walker steer using bike-style handle bars that move the wheels in the direction you turn them. Our third model, the Swivelmate Knee Walker, features BeltDrive steering allowing you to turn a full 90 degrees, allowing the knee walker to turn in a tight circle.
Do your knee walkers fold up?
All of our models Swivelmate Knee Walker, Free Spirit & Roll-A-Bout, fold up by lowering the steering column and tucking it underneath the knee pad. If necessary the knee pad can easily be removed.
Will my knee walker be in good condition?
Yes. All knee walkers are thoroughly cleaned and checked to ensure they are in good working condition each and every time they are sent out. If you think your knee walker is not functioning properly please call us immediately.
What is considered normal wear and tear?
We expect normal wear and tear on the tires, handle grips, break lines, and knee pad of the knee walkers. We also know that through normal use scratches or dings will occur. Any actual damage to the knee walker is a result of improper use and subject to the renter being charged.
Do your knee walkers work on carpet? Do they mark wood floors?
Our rental knee walkers move easily on all types of carpet as well as feature non-marking rubber wheels so they are safe for wood floors.
What if my knee walker needs to be repaired during my rental?
After notifying us of the issue, we will determine with your help what the problem is and the best way to resolve it, whether that is an adjustment that can be instructed over the phone or sending a replacement model at our discretion. We strive to provide the very best service to our customers with the least amount of inconvenience.

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