Best Scooter for Broken Leg 2020
Complete Reviews with Comparison

Best Scooter for Broken Leg 2020 – Complete Reviews with Comparison

A knee scooter is a fantastic alternative to crutches and is far superior in terms of both comfort, mobility, and support.

Completely removing the weight from your leg while still allowing you to move about freely with your uninjured leg ensures that you can live an undisturbed lifestyle.

Here is a look at the top five knee scooters for a broken leg, ankle, or similar disability.

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Best Scooter for Broken Leg Reviews

1. KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter

Arriving at a low price while featuring everything needed in terms of quality and comfort, the KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter is a reliable option at an outstanding value. Here we’ll be showing you what makes this affordable walking scooter for broken leg patients one of the best around.

Product Highlights

The KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter is a great mobility product featuring a sturdy dual bar frame, adjustable locking handbrake and rear disc brakes, with durable 7.5” diameter rubber wheels. The design and outstanding shock-absorbing sealed windows of the wheels give handling and stability matched to knee scooters of a far higher price. One can’t fault the handlebar height range of between 29.5″ to 38″, suiting tall and short users, while the knee support height range is just as flexible at 17.5″ – 22″.

This lightweight knee scooter works great on any surface and is compatible with both legs. A 3” padded contoured knee platform ensures comfortable support, while the ergonomic grips are just as comfortable. The entire knee scooter collapses and the basket detaches without the use of tools, thanks to a simple thumb-release mechanism. KneeRover has delivered a great product, with the weight support set at 300-pounds thanks to the solid, broad frame.

What’s to like about the KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter

KneeRover produces a high quality range of accessories and parts for all of their products. The possibility of purchasing a cup hold, knee pad covers, LED head light, and a range of baskets adds immense value to anyone who will be using their push scooter over a prolonged period.

What’s not to like about the KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter

You are given a fairly limited turning radius when opting for this leg scooter for broken leg from KneeRover. This is intended to prevent you from flipping; however, it can be extremely limiting in small indoor spaces.


  • checkBroad frame and limited steering radius tip prevention
  • checkBasket included and additional baskets available
  • checkStriking British racing green color


  • One color only
  • Weight limit is lower than competing brands
  • Constricting steering radius

2. All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter

As one of the only true off-road / indoor knee scooters available, the All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter is easily one of the best. Stable, lightweight, and featuring better wheels than almost any other competing brand, here we’ll be showing you why this is definitely a top pick.

Product Highlights

The outstanding 12-inch pneumatic tires have the perfect traction for cobblestone, dirt, gravel, and smooth, hard surfaces. They feature outstanding design, granting both stability and smooth action. The wheels of the All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter will handle grass and even gaps and cracks in the pavement with no problems. Tubed tires are far more supportive, upping the weight support of this push scooter to roughly 350 pounds. The handle bar height range is adjustable between 34″ to 41″. Knee support can be adjusted at between 18″ – 21.5″, ensuring comfort regardless of the user.

A tie rod steering mechanism mimicking that of an automobile gives you unparalleled control over your mobility and maneuverability, with support for either leg. The handlebar is fully adjustable, as is the knee support. The 6.75” wide x 12.5” long knee pad is ergonomically designed, supplying great support even on the most uneven terrain. Its Ergon grips are comparable to those of a good-quality mountain bike, while the parking brake works great at stabilizing transitions between surface types.

What’s to like about the All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter

The rugged design of the All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter translates to not only great handling, but excellent overall quality. It is likely to withstand extended periods of repeated use, with new knee pads being available from KneeRover when they need replacement. When buying a push knee scooter from KneeRover, you have a scooter which will last.

What’s not to like about the All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter

On a decline, the brake could be better. You are not brought to a complete standstill when applying the brake, instead you are slowed to a near-still position with a slight amount of slippage. While this is not enough to be a safety issue, care should be taken when using this leg scooter for broken leg injuries on sharp inclines.


  • checkExcellent all-terrain functionality
  • checkTie rod steering mechanism
  • checkGreat shock absorption from pneumatic tires


  • One color only
  • Cantilever-style brakes; disc brakes would be preferable

3. Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker

With its innovative maneuverable front set of wheels, channel support embedded into the knee padding, and sturdy overall construction supporting up to 300 pounds, the Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker is a fantastic option for anyone suffering a leg disability. Let’s take a closer look at these feature-packed handicap scooters for leg injuries.

Product Highlights

You can’t beat the ease of use nor the quality of the Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker. The steering is far superior in terms of maneuverability to any other knee push scooter, while the entire design folds away neatly, including the handlebars, into enough space to fit into your boot or backseat. The knee pad is fully adjustable, as is the height of the steering. An adjustable 33″- 37.5″ handle height range is given and a 17.5″-21.5″ knee support height supplied.

The hand-operated brakes work well, giving you push button brake locks which are invaluable to parking and traversing steep inclines and declines. The dual brake mechanism in combination with the 8” wheels give good handling on all terrain types, although transitions to rough or uneven surfaces should be done with care. Each brake offers individual hand-controlled braking, granting you the best stability and range of motion.

What’s to like about the Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker

Despite being confusing to some at first, the dual brake locks with individual operation can be extremely handy for navigating through busy city areas, where slight ramps and sidewalks are common. The combination of the rotating steering section and the left/right braking allows you to travel with ease even in the densest urban jungle.

You will find that the two channels, or grooves, which run through the knee support pad are a great asset. The perpendicular cut outs are extremely handy for changing leg position during getting dressed, getting into and out of the shower, and performing other household activities.

What’s not to like about the Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker

On extremely uneven off-road surfaces such as gravel, you will need a lot of arm strength to keep the front steering end straight. A locking mechanism could have preventing this, however as it stands, it will take some getting used to.


  • checkRotating steering column
  • checkDual brakes, operating independently
  • checkLimited lifetime warranty on brake cable


  • Mediocre off-road stability
  • No steering rotation lock
  • No basket supplied

4. Roscoe Knee Scooter with Basket

Roscoe Medical is a fine producer of reliable, clinician-quality therapeutic equipment. The Roscoe Knee Scooter with Basket is the ideal solution for anyone who is looking for comfort, mobility, and stability. Here we’ll be taking a closer look at what places it among the best.

Product Highlights

The Roscoe Knee Scooter sports an attractive design and supports almost any size or height. The handlebar height range is adjustable between 31″-41″ and the maximum height of the knee platform ranges between 17.5″-22″ If you are anywhere between 4’11” and 6’6” and below 350 pounds, this supportive knee scooter will give you comfortable mobility. The steering range gives a decent amount of maneuverability but is limited to prevent tipping. Reversing typically takes a three-point turn, but this is easy enough to accomplish given the lightweight frame.

The folding design of this great knee scooter requires no tools and is dead simple to accomplish. Roscoe Medical even supplies a great video tutorial, explaining the portable design and folding functionality. The handlebars even flatten making it squeeze into even less space. While the wheels are not pneumatic, they do work well on most surfaces. You will have no problems on carpet or concrete, while transitioning does take a bit of getting used to. Fortunately, the hand-operated brakes are nothing short of outstanding.

What’s to like about the Roscoe Knee Scooter with Basket

While still limited for safety’s sake, the turning radius of the Roscoe Knee Scooter is impressive at roughly 30°. This allows for wide and narrow turns with a great level of stability. You will also find that the wide padded knee support suits any size or weight of leg comfortably, even throughout extended use.

What’s not to like about the Roscoe Knee Scooter with Basket

Most people who use the Roscoe Knee Scooter will find that the knee support padding is quite uncomfortable when using the scooter on uneven terrain. Many opt to buy a cover which encompasses both sections of the divided knee pad, while others have entirely modified the pad, adding in support to fill in the gap.


  • checkDisc brakes work extremely well
  • checkThick padded knee platform and padded handlebars
  • checkLimited lifetime warranty on frame and 90-day warranty on parts


  • Split knee pad design can be problematic
  • Wide turning radius can cause trouble reversing and tipping
  • Mediocre off-road performance

5. ELENKER Knee Walker Medical Scooter

The ELENKER Knee Walker Medical Scooter is a stylish, affordably priced push scooter which delivers comfort and support matched to brands of a far higher price. Other than a few minor nuances, this is an excellent wheeled scooter which is extremely adjustable, very comfortable, and practically functional. Here we’ll be showing you what makes it a solid choice.

Product Highlights

You will struggle to find a knee scooter which matches the ease of setup and adjustment of the ELENKER Knee Walker Medical Scooter. Designed for durability, the knee support pad is of outstanding quality, albeit a little hard; a cover is highly recommended. The cushioned area measures 14.17″ x 6.50″ x 2.56″ granting a great area of coverage, therefore suiting those of all body types and sizes. The weight limit is set at 300 pounds, with the padding being more than capable of granting excellent support at max weight.

You will find that the deluxe hand operated brakes give you direct stopping thanks to the disc brake design. Comfortable rubber grips and perfectly placed brakes, with a brake lock, ensure easy-operation. You are given a steering radius of roughly 62° which is far wider than most push scooters. This will make reversing and tight turns more difficult, but you can’t beat the stability. There is little chance of tipping over thanks to the wide steering radius. The handlebar height range spans 33.86” – 41.92” while the cushion height range is adjustable between 19.29” – 23.23”.

What’s to like about the ELENKER Knee Walker Medical Scooter

The storage basket supplied is larger than most is found with most competing knee scooters. There is ample space to carry around your belongings, or shopping. The large frame folds away into a very small space, with the spacious design ensures that it is extremely comfortable even if you are extremely tall.

What’s not to like about the ELENKER Knee Walker Medical Scooter

Many users have reported a fairly loud squeaking sound being emitted. Most find the issue related to the seat, however the slight squeaking sound has posed a challenge to get rid of. A squeaking issue has arisen for a few users however it should be noted that ELENKER customer service are happy to assist, providing fair compensation. This has only occurred in a few select cases.


  • checkHandle operated brakes with brake lock
  • checkTool less left/right adjustment of knee support platform
  • checkShock absorbing 8” PVC wheels


  • Knee pad is very firm
  • Can be noisy


Next, we’ll be showing you exactly what to look for when shopping for a scooter for a broken leg or other leg injury. Keep the following factors in mind and you are ensured the best quality & overall performance for your needs.

Weight Total

The weight of your knee scooter will impact its portability, mobility, and the strength that you need to operate it. A good scooter for a broken leg will not only give excellent support, removing all strain and elevating your injured leg, but must also remain lightweight enough to reposition when finding yourself in a tight spot.

If you navigate yourself into a difficult to turn area, the wide steering radius can often make reversing a nightmare, leading many to simple balance themselves and turn the scooter around. A heavy scooter will make this very hard, especially when you use your knee scooter throughout the day.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a knee scooter typically dictates the breadth and width of the frame and the scooters total size. A good mobility scooter for broken leg sufferers, or leg scooter for broken ankle patients, generally supports up to 300 pounds. Certain scooters will support up to 350 pounds, with this design being far more common among those designed for off-road and indoor use.

Be sure to select a scooter for a broken leg or injured foot which will support your body weight while supplying a good level of comfort. If you are heavier than 350 pounds, you may find better value in an electric scooter for a broken leg, rather than a push scooter.

Size (Length and Height)

Both the length of your frame and the height of handlebars and knee support platform should be fully adjustable. Make sure that your scooter compacts small enough in size when folded to fit easily into the boot of rear-seat of your vehicle.

One should also carefully evaluate the total width of your scooter, in addition to the length and height. Too broad of a wheel base and you will find that your maneuverability is severely hampered. Too narrow and your scooter could be susceptible to tipping over.

Knee Support Height Range

Depending on the exact nature of your knee support adjustment range, the greatest degree of flexibility is typically 17.5″ to 22″. This allows people of heights from 4’1” to 6’6” to use the knee push scooter without any comfort problems. For those taller, a specialized orthopedic leg trolley would be needed, while those shorter should look towards a junior wheeled scooter for broken leg and similar injuries.

Safety/Braking System

A wide steering radius is usually provided to ensure that your knee scooter does not tip over. The wider the radius, the more stable the scooter; however, this also increases the amount of points in a turn when reversing. The braking system of each medical scooter for broken leg sufferers, amputees, or those suffering from foot injuries, will be either a disc- or a cantilever-type brake system.

Disc brakes are highly preferred as they bring you to a dead stop with no slippage. This is not only invaluable to keeping yourself at a standstill, a brake lock should always be available as well to ensure that you have full control when descending a steep declining or climbing a steep incline.


Be on the lookout for foldable handlebars in addition to a compact, folding design. At times some scooters do not allow the handlebars to collapse, making transport tricky. Any baskets should be removable, and some models will even allow you to detach the knee support platform, reducing the size even further. Your scooter should always be compact enough to be transported in the boot or backseat of your vehicle.


How do you use a knee scooter?

Begin by finding your most comfortable standing position. Adjust your handlebars to match your height, while adjusting the knee platform support so that your injured knee is at the perfect height to be supported naturally. Adjust the platform while testing its position, and your balance, with the brakes held in or locked.

Your knee needs to be positioned at a ninety-degree angle on the cushion. Ideally you do not want to haunch over your handlebars, with your knee and hips level with your lower back.

Propel yourself by giving a firm push with your good foot. You can hold in the brake until you have found your balance, slowly releasing as you push off. With your weight always being placed upon the center of the scooter, you can slowly begin to adjust your pushing speed while gradually applying the brake to gain control.

Get used to the turning radius at a slow pace, or you could end up a victim of a horrible scooter fail broken leg. Slow down for corners and you will begin to soon find yourself familiar with the intuitive functionality of a knee scooter.

Knee scooter or crutches?

Crutches are known to cause excessive pain and suffering in those suffering from arthritis and other musculoskeletal disorders, making a knee scooter invaluable. They also pale in comparison to the maneuverability granted by a good push scooter for broken leg sufferers. A scooter for one leg broken gives the added functionality of a basket.

Maneuvering around using a set of crutches makes it difficult to carry goods as well. All scooters have support for a basket, which you will soon find to be invaluable, allowing you a greater degree of independence.

How do you fold a knee scooter?

Each scooter used for broken leg injuries will invariably fold slightly differently. Most folding mechanisms feature a tool-less design, requiring nothing more than a button press to release the lever, allowing the scooter to collapse.

As before mentioned, the knee support platform is at times removable which helps portability a lot, while the handlebars of your medical scooter for broken leg mobility should always also fold into the frame. KneeScooterRentals has a fantastic video showing you an example of how easy it is to fold one.

Does insurance cover a knee scooter?

It is extremely difficult to tell whether or not a rolling scooter for broken leg injuries will be covered by your insurance. Policies vary and the only influencing factor is a compelling letter of recommendation from your approved physician.

It is best to enquire with your individual insurer before procuring a letter of recommendation from your doctor. If a knee scooter is covered, be sure to have your doctor list the motivations for needing the enhanced mobility.

How can you make a knee scooter more comfortable?

The first factor to cause discomfort to most people using a push scooter for single broken leg injuries is an incorrect knee support platform height. If the height is not perfect, too much or too little weight will be placed on your good leg, resulting in knee pain, a sore back, and increased effort when pushing the scooter itself. The heel of your free leg needs to firmly touch the ground, otherwise adjust your platform downwards. If your free leg’s knee is bent too much, then raise your platform.

Handlebar height and your offset can both cause discomfort when using a wheeled scooter for broken leg injuries. Set your handlebars to waist level, while adjusting the offset of the knee platform to accommodate whichever side is injured. Adjust the left-right offset so that you have enough clearance space for propelling the scooter, while keeping your platform relatively close to your good leg to facilitate the best support and stability.


Before rushing off to look for a knee scooter for sale, be sure to check knee scooter reviews and compare both cost and performance. The rugged off-road design of the All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter makes it the top choice for most who aren’t constrained by a budget, while those looking for something more suited to city life find the best value in the Roscoe Knee Scooter with Basket.

Handicap scooters for broken leg and other injuries can even be hired if you can’t afford to purchase one, however the cost of a knee scooter hire is often near the cost of buying your own. Nevertheless, an orthopedic leg scooter is still a far better option than struggling with crutches.

Here are some questions you maybe asking yourself?

  • Are you recovering from injury or surgery to lower leg, ankle or your foot?

  • Are you a below the knee amputee?

  • Do you suffer from foot pain?

  • Are you inconvenienced by a crutch? or hate using it?

  • You are exhausted of trying to walk around?

  • Have you tried a crutch alternative?

  • Would you like to utilize the use of your hands to do common everyday tasks?

  • Do you miss cooking something for you family, take the dog for a walk? make a cup of tea to drink?